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Our Therapeutic Services


Who are our clients? 

Individuals, couples and groups that experiencing anxiety, depression and/trauma. Our clients are professionals that want to develop a deeper understanding of how to center their overall mental health and wellness.  All are welcome in our space if their presenting issues meet our therapeutic gifting.

We serve clients in two regions:  

United States: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida

Caribbean: Trinidad & Tobago and  St. Vincent and The Grenadines


Rates& Insurance


Our consultations sessions are important so that both potential client and therapist can understand and assess if our therapeutic gifting here at the firm is a match for the presenting concerns you would like to work on in therapy or counseling. If for some reason, we may not be a match, we are happy to refer you to other talented therapists that we know and/or network with in our professional world.


Live Telephone 15 minute Consultation is free.

Live Video Consultation 20 minutes is free.


Individual and Couples Work

Our private pay session rates per 45 minute appointments are as follows:


Trinay Thomas, MSW, LCSW, PSW- Individual sessions $150 USD  Caribbean Region    $615 TTD ($90 USD)

Tishuan Matthews, MSW, PSW  Individual and Couples  sessions in the Caribbean Region $615 TTD ($90 USD)

MSW Interns-Individual sessions $50 USD


Group Work

Our groups are private pay/self pay only. We do not apply or use insurance towards our group services.


Our Groups are $36 USD ($250 TTDD for Caribbean Region) per person per session.  Payment is required 48 hours in advance. 


We also have a group payment package option: Pay 50% $108 USD before group begins and the remaining balance of 50% due two weeks before end of group cohort.

For our two payment plan package, you must have two credit cards on file in order to participate.


Important Therapy Fund Information ( U.S. only):

***We accept Love Land Therapy Vouchers for those that do not have the above insurance and cannot afford our private practice rate. Press their website below to learn how to apply:


***We accept Hibiscus Rose Therapy Fund Vouchers for those that do not have the above insurance and cannot afford our private practice rate.  Press their website below to learn how to apply:

Employment Assistance Programs(EAP)

Our practice works with a few EAP programs. Kindly reach out to find out more information.


Using Insurance for Psychotherapeutic and Counseling Services:

There are important factors to consider when deciding whether to use insurance or pay for care out of pocket. We want to support you in making an informed decision.


Comparing Private Pay and Insurance in Private Practice:

Cost may be the first reason you are thinking of using insurance for counseling or psychotherapy, but we believe it is important for you to stay informed of all of the factors that go into this decision. Here are some things to consider when choosing whether to use your insurance or private for psychotherapy or counseling services.


Diagnosis Required

Often, a person’s reason for seeking counseling is not related to a mental health diagnosis. However, most insurance companies require a diagnosis in order to pay for treatment. A counselor who is functioning ethically and in your best interest will not diagnose exclusively to utilize insurance. Additionally, there are some diagnoses that may be appropriate to what you are experiencing that insurance companies will not cover if they do not deem counseling to be ‘medically necessary’. Paying out of pocket allows you to access services regardless of diagnosis status, and you have the power to determine if sessions are necessary.


Session Duration

Insurance companies ultimately decide the number of sessions you are able to receive, dependent on your diagnosis and benefits package. At the end of that number of sessions, your case will be re-evaluated by your insurance to determine if sessions continues to be ‘medically necessary’. Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee of receiving insurance approval to continue. Private pay allows you to make the decision of continuing in therapy if it is working for you.


Decreased Privacy

Information that is communicated to your insurance for reimbursement is part of your medical record. This includes any diagnosis you received, as well as any other information the insurance requested to determine coverage. When paying privately, you have increased control over where, when, and how your information is shared.


We understand the financial and personal commitment involved in therapy/counseling with or without insurance, and do not take the responsibility of your care lightly. If you have more questions as you are trying to choose between insurance versus private pay, please contact us at:



Eighty percent (80%) of our clients are a combination of private pay, grant clients and EAP. Twenty percent(20%) are  U.S. insurance clients.

We do not accept insurance outside of the U.S. 

Select therapists at our practice are in-network with:

  • Most Cigna plans

  • Most Optum

  • Most Aetna plans

What if we are out of network? In the U.S. we can provide a superbill (insurance receipt) that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if you have out of network benefits.

You may file for reimbursement from your insurance company by doing the following:

  • Call the member phone number on the back of your insurance card.

  •  Ask if you have out of network mental health benefits. If you do, ask what insurance is willing to reimburse.

  • Submit your superbill (what we can give you after each paid session), to your insurance company to be reimbursed what your insurance company covers.

Official Credit for portions of the important language used to communicate insurance, diagnosis and privacy information created by Angel Koenig, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor, Reiki Practitioner Mindful Counseling and Wellness.


We accept all major credit cards and debit cards (including FSA and HSA).

We accept payments via Square and Ivy Pay across our therapeutic platforms for designated services.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at:

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